Displaying both item and product numbers on forms

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I’ve find out a new setup which could have some interest when analysing transactions on products. Well not so new in fact as it has been released in November 2016 (version 1611). 

When going under the main setup of Product information management parameters you can either activate or not the Show product numbers on forms.

Product Number vs Item Number

A quick remainder on that topic. Product numbers define what’s is shared across all legal entities about the products. Items numbers are specifc items for a dedicated entity, meaning when you released a product number in an entity it will create an item number in which you will end the setup of the product.

Basically, 5% of the setup available of the product could be shared, and 95% is done on each entity.

That said, I’ve created a new released product from the released product form and specify here 2 different codes for the product and the item.

As you can see under the released product detail record, we retrieve the 2 different numbers.

Going under the Product form (which is shared across all entities), we retrieve only the product number.

Transactions on products and forms

If the Show product numbers on forms is unticked, we retrieve only the Item number and the Product name on transactions.

When activating the checkbox, the result is the following:

Have in mind the product number will display on Sales order lines, Production order form, purchase order lines when activated.

If for some reason (BI across entities for instance) you may want to display both, just think of that setup.