MB-330 – Supply Chain Management certification

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Few days ago I just pass the MB-330 Supply Chain Management certification. As I used to experience this certification exercice many times since 2012, here is  my feedback about this one, available since 2019.

As a remainder you need to succeed both Core and Supply Chain Management certification to be fully certified. That is a must have for every D365FO certification.

Now let me share my own experience and feeling.

The context

It’s the first time for me passing the exam at home, from my kitchen. It’s possible to do it at home. Some conditions, you will be watch by someone all the time, be sure your camera is running. Also, you will have to take a picture of every angle of the room you’re in, I’m sure the guy did like my kitchen ! You don’t have to quit the laptop (or at least the field of view of the camera), no one but you has to be visible from the camera, no additional noise … or the exam could be stopped at any time without refund. This last point was the most difficult for me with 2 kids in a containement times… . Buying a bigger house was not possible now so I decided to pass the test late in the evening.

The Process

The process is now different. It is not simple basic questions but also drag and drop questions. Also at the end there is some use cases in which you will be questionned. It’s more close to reality than before. That’s a good point because it’s give more value to this certification.

The scope

Regarding the certification itself, the learn documentation is quite accurate. It’s a good and free way to work on that topic. For me the hard part was to focus on WMS and TMS because it’s not my speciality. I think in the future it would be relevant to have a specific WMS/TMS certification (and a Project/Service one and Retail as well). I say that for having real experts on those topics and also as it could be sometimes confusing as some questions are related to inventory management and others to warehouse management.

I was also surprised to have some questions out of the described scope – very few – related to product compliance (more on the MB-320 certifications), or even product configuration, even one on retail if I remember correctly. Another one about tax 1099 which definitly should not be on the scope as it’s related to something very US specific and for us French consultant we are not supposed to know this, and also as it’s more financial topics than supply chain in my opinion.

Go work hard, it could help your company to keep or get the gold partnership, and also for you, regarding your employability.

Good luck !




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