Issue : The planned production order must be scheduled before it can be firmed

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Error message : The planned production order must be scheduled before it can be firmed

Version : MSDyn365FO

Module : Master Planning, Production control

Localization : #NA

Critical : Blocking

French message : L’ordre de fabrication doit être planifié avant d’être confirmé.

Explanation : In MSDyn365FO, when you have a manufactured product with BOM and route, you may have that issue when running any master plan (in my case, the Requested production status of the coverage group is setup to schedule). You may have this message (more or less) directly on a production order when you want to move on to the next status. Having issue on the scheduling part happens.

Solution : The issue can come from different places but in most cases it’s on resources linked to a route operation.

  • Check the calendars of all your resource and resource groups. You must have open working time
  • Check that any resource is linked to a resource group. It used to be mandatory in the past, seems not yet… but if you don’t have any on your resource, you may have issues.
  • If your resource is vendor type, check you have on resource group for each vendor resource.

Trick and tips : In the route, you can easily check the feasibility with the appropriate button.


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