Issue on workflow : Cannot start application – application cannot be started

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Error message : Cannot start application – application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor.

Version : D365FO

Module : Where a workflow can be setup

Localization : #NA

Critical : Blocking

French message : Impossible de démarrer l’application. Contactez le fournisseur de l’application.

Explanation : In D365FO, when you try to create a brand new workflow, you may encounter this error. I cannot say exactly when it happens. It’s a technical issue. It happens generally when you have previously created one version on a workflow.

Solution : You need to go to your Local AppData repository : C > Users > YourName > AppData > Local > Apps

Then search for the keyword workflow in the browser.

Then, on one of the result, right click to open the file location.

Then you will have something like this.

Delete all this. Repeat the previous operation until you won’t find any workflow file in the Local repository. Then it’s OK to create a new workflow.



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