DDMRP : additional features (Decoupling point status, collaborative execution)

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Here is the last post regarding DDMRP (see the previous posts : DDMRP introduction and Inventory Positionning, Buffer level definition and calculation, Buffer value calculation and dynamics adjustementsDDRMP calculation). We’ll have a look at some features not detailed previously to conclude on this topic. Be aware those tests were run activating a preview version, meaning that we can expect some enhancement in the next releases.

On-hand view

For items managed as decoupled points, another On-hand view is available within item coverage form.

From here you can see a view per date of the On-hand with associated status and colors :

  • Critically low– Less than half the minimum for the period.
  • Low– Between half the minimum and the minimum.
  • Average on-hand– Between the minimum and the minimum plus the green zone.
  • Higher than average– Higher than average

For my previous  example the thresholds are : Minimum = 63; Reorder point = 147; Maximum = 207

The first week I’ve been running the Master plan and done the same for the second week (after adjusting the On-hand stock).

This is the result I’ve got :

Week 1 :

  • Minimum < On-hand = 95 < Minimum + Green Zone -> the level is so “On average range”
  • On-hand status = 95 / 63 = 71.42

Week 2 :

  • Minimum * 0.5 < On-hand 45 < Minimum -> the level is so “Low”
  • On-hand status = 45 / 71 = 63.3

This graphical view with color is quite interesting for analyzing the stock level across time. We didn’t have this possibility before and that will be very useful. Don’t forget to run DDMRP. If not, Weekly or Daily On-hand stock will not be calculated.

From the tech talk description, you can see this graphic with a lot more of data :

Decoupling points status

There is two new forms available under the Master Planning.

Go under Master Planning > Master Planning > DDMRP > Decoupling points status by net flow

Formula used for defining Green, Yellow, Red zone are displayed here with Qualified demand, Net Flow. Every KPI are gathered here including Planning priority, Minimum, Reorder point and Maximum.

Having a look at the previous example :

Net Flow = On-hand + On order – Qualified demand = 95 + 10 – 35 = 70 -> Between minimum and reorder point.

On the top of this form, it’s possible to see planned orders, manage buffer values (opening of the Item coverage form), and run any master planning.

Now, let’s see the other form available for decoupling points under Master Planning > Master Planning > DDMRP > Decoupling points status by on-hand

The Net flow and the thresholds are not visible here, but the On order is.

Actually, it’s quite the same view as the one available on the Item coverage view from the On-hand tab.

Demand Driven MRP Workspace

The last tool available for using DDMRP with a more user friendly way is the Demand Driven MRP workspace.

Filtering by Master Plan (assuming there is more than one Master Plan dedicated for DDMRP), You can run Master Planning, see the planned orders for decoupling point, view the decoupling points status by net flow and on-hand (see previous forms), and also recalculate buffer values. Basically pretty much everything is here except maybe the DDMRP item coverage view access directly from here.

In conclusion, what can we say regarding DDMRP within Dynamics ?

I would say it’s has been quite easy to setup and test it, from a functional consultant point of view, piece by piece. Nevertheless, the whole approach could be difficult for a non-specialist of MRP topics. From a business perspective, it fits well the DDMRP principles. Regarding implementing this feature for customer, you will have to consider:

  • Customer has to be very mature, and fully trust the system when order are generated
  • DDMRP has to be run every day, especially after midnight for taking into account order of the current day.
  • One limitation I can see is the fact that your customer has to work only with DDMRP if he choose so for a dedicated item / warehouse. As it is driven by item coverage, you cannot have several plans running on it such as forecast plan, long term plan, middle and short term plan.

It has been a long topic to address, to test and also to write, but I finally managed to do it quite deeply I guess. I hope it will be useful for you, and stay tunned as the feature is still written as preview. We can expect new updates.


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