Issue : Posting invoice journal – Update has been cancelled because of an error

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Error message : Update has been cancelled because of an error.

Version : D365FO

Module : Account payable

Localization : All

Critical : Blocking

French message : La mise à jour a été annulée à cause d’une erreur

Explanation : In D365FO, every accounting journal has to be approved by an employee of the current legal entity before being posted. When a non-employee user creates a journal, this error occurs when trying to post.

Solution : To post the journal, you have to fill the “Approved by” field manually.

Trick and tips : Associate the current user to an employee of the current legal entity, and delete the line then create it again is another possibility.

Other comment : Applied only for accounting journals (account payable, account receivable, fixed asset, etc).

Guillaume FAGES


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