Issue : activate closing of non-financial transfers’ is set to yes

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Error message : activate closing of non-financial transfers’ is set to yes

Version : D365FO

Module : Inventory management

Localization : All

Critical : Blocking

French message :  Activer la clôture des transferts non financiers » est défini sur Oui.

Explanation : In D365O, for items, you sometimes needs to update for storage or tracking dimensions. It’s not something easy to manage, you have to check you don’t have any open transactions, but even so you can have this message. This happens because your target group has the financial inventory checkbox active.

Solution : Try to run the closing process if you haven’t done it yet. What you can also do is to update the group value (storage or tracking) with a value which does not have this checkbox enabled. Then update the item from there to the target value with the checkbox enabled.

Trick and tips : Have a look on that post which illustrate correctly this case.


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