1. Hello,

    thanks for your information. How is the data refresh process when you to upload a powerbi report files , for example Sales and Profitable Performance, from LCS into the production environment of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations?

    1. Hi Rega,

      If we are talking about the Sales and profitable performance, the data are refreshed when you refresh the aggregate measurement. To do that, you can go to administration > Setup > Entity store. The aggregate measurement for sales and profit is ‘Sales cube’. You can find some information if you follow this link : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/dev-itpro/analytics/sales-profitability-performance-content-pack

  2. We develop pbix report using development environment (direct query to AxDW database). After uploading the file via LCS, Will it automatically change the connection string from development to production environment.

    1. @Waqar did you get your answers?

      also how can you find out what the connection string is in UAT / Production if it’s been system modified automatically during the D365 –> System Administration -> Deploy Power BI report files »?

      And if I deploy the « out of the box » report on the Tier 2 Production environment, how can I troubleshoot an error when I « open report catalog » and get « BadRequest » … « This content isn’t available ». « Learn more about Power BI…link ». Must be some detailed error logs somewhere.

    1. Hello,
      To Deploy … it depends. You can share your pbix file on a shared disk, making it available for every one (but also updatable) without licence.
      To deploy in PowerBi web (powerbi.com), yes you will need a Power BI por licence at least.

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